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The KitOS Home or Industrial product is a high quality versatile compact computing edge device.

With KitOS we build a seamless new-energy product integration within a household or in an industrial (production) facility. Our new product can aggregate and optimize a combined energy management and capacity value for the user.

This can be either as a tool to control the energy usage patterns of new-energy in- home or in-factory products or as a combined flexible energy market value offer. The latter can be traded as flexibility and become a monetary value for the user.

KitOS is built with a solid Linux core technology adding a built-in secure boot ensuring an always on and accessible state.

Based on a range of connectivity and protocols we support, our KitOS series offer seamless integration into most technology environments in new-energy products such as heat pumps, solar panels, EV chargers or energy battery storage devices and any combination thereof.

The deployment, bulk maintenance and monitoring services are also available through our fully integrated API interfaces. Here we offer an array of dashboard services for our commercial customers and offer to develop an own App for these functionalities.


Applications of the kitos products

Our device is versatile due to the application layers, we have developed. Consequently, we can integrate to API standards offered by:

  • PV inverters (regardless of inverter brand)
  • Energy Storage Battery inverters
  • Heat pumps
  • EV chargers

Different brands of any of the above devices will require its own exclusive application layer integration, which we then develop and thereby can provide a seamless digital integration into for our customers.


Maintenance and monitoring

ChargeAdvice is the operator of the KitOs units, and we carry the responsibility for securing their uptime and continued functionalities for our customers. The services include:

KitOS app

Digital development opportunities – App

We can develop an App where we integrate the KitOS application layer functionalities with any of the hardware solutions mentioned for your customers.

App development can also be done gradually, according to the needs of the customer and the market applications, for both domestic and commercial market applications.

Product Overview

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